Active Alliance is a counter culture collective of brands, bands, artists, and athletes(and more). Healthy. Positive. Engaged for a better tomorrow.

We are a full service production house with over 16 years of professional experience. Based on the West Coast of the USA, we are able to take on productions across the world. We strive in the most extreme environments. Shooting out of helicopters in the Arctic Circle, on location 100s of miles away from civilization in Patagonia, or taking productions underwater, we use this experience to tell your story to the fullest!

With over 50 million views globally, you can guess why the biggest names in the world have trusted us with their media needs. With Active Alliance you know you are in good hands.

Client List

Owner and founder of Active Alliance creative, Jason Charles Smith got into film by sneaking his parents video camera out of the house and filming his friends and him doing stupid stunts on skateboards, bikes and the like. He started his production career in 2004 working for NBC helping with the Olympic profiles of some of America’s top athletes. From there his career took off working with the likes of NFL Films, ESPN, and The Discovery Channel to name just a few. During his years he made it a point to learn every aspect of production and post-production to make sure his talents were well-rounded. Today he loves working on documentaries telling stories of those that the world would otherwise pass by, as well as working with entities that are making the world a better place for all of us.

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